Monday, March 12, 2012

EntreFest - 2012 - Post Script

I just wanted to reflect for a bit on EntreFest 2012 that was held in Ames this past week.  The price was up, the crowds were down, but I think I got as much for my money as I have in years past.  For me, this year's theme was Customer Service & Streamlining Procedures. 

Kelly McDonald gave a great opening speech about "How to market to people who aren't like you!"  With Hampton being roughly 28% Hispanic, I thought it might be a good idea to pay attention to that.  Did you know, The Computer Guy DOES offer FREE translation service at the shop??  Kelly also gave another seminar as well, pretty much some of the same themes, but in a smaller classroom sized setting.

Josh Fleming of Des Moines, talked Mobile Networking.  He's got a passion, that's for sure.  He wants to do a video on "Shit The Computer Guy Says" -- but, I don't think that would be very good for my "brand" -- as sometimes, I can get carried away with what I DO say, and to remind me of it probably isn't a good thing.  Nice compliment, anyway.  I told him we'd figure something out.

Randy Dean talked about getting your emails all organized, like a file drawer.  I came home and attacked my email and made quite a dent.  I think I have 5 left on my WebMail server and 24 on my inbox on my desktop computer.  His biggest piece of advice for an office setting... TURN OFF THE BLING.  When your new mail arrives, don't have it make a noise to distract everyone else in the office -- and quit checking it all the time.

As always, I made new friends, saw some old ones -- had a few laughs over a few drinks.  All in all, a good show.  I'm hoping next year's conference is in Des Moines, as I think they need to capture back some of the base crowd again. I can't wait for EntreFest 2013.

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