Thursday, April 26, 2012

The State Of Now -- Follow Up

Last Monday was the #140 Character Conference, AKA State Of Now AKA #140ConfDM.  What a nice day to listen to people come to Des Moines and share their ideas, dreams, stories, fears and triumphs.

This year, I could tell the conference was off to a good start was the microphones and cameras worked just fine, Deb Brown and Jeff Pulver were on point and the speakers had great content.  Several speakers came from out of state, some I didn't understand their points, but mostly I had a nice time listening and participating.

My segment was a 20 minute panel on the restaurant business and how there are tools out there to actually help your food business.  I enlisted the help of Christopher Juhl and Phil James and we filled 19 1/2 out of 20 minutes with stories (mostly mine) and helpful hints and tips plus a challenge to restaurants to get out there and DO SOMETHING!!!

Here's the video from our segment -- Enjoy!

Food Panel - State Of Now - 2012

I guess that's the point of this conference -- After it is all said and done, DO SOMETHING.

Overall, I'd give the day a B+.

Next year, I'd like to see more media attend the event with THEIR stories and some people from the entertainment world (local or national) to share their stories as well.  You can bet, I'll be there as it is worth attending and being a part of the show!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The State Of Now Conference!

Last year I attended and was part of a great conference called The #140 Character Conference.  Speakers from all over the midwest attended and spoke for just 10 minutes each (WHAT!! JUST 10 MINUTES??) and talked about how Social Media has changed, improved or revamped their life or the life of their business.

The conference has changed slightly and is called "The State Of Now" -- because social networking IS now!

I'll be speaking, along with about 50 other folks.

You could watch online, but it would be great to have you there!!  Tickets are available for $70, but save money by using the code "VERIZON" when you check out and you will be SHOCKED at how much you will save!

Here's the link, we'll see you there!!