Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I'd like to share a story with you and I'm not looking for sympathy, but for your understanding and continued support.

I started my business "The Computer Guy" in 1996 with the main focus on the home computer user. As time went on and our name was given out here and there, I expanded to take care of some small business clients and national accounts through contract work. My business model was based on "Reliable Service / Reasonable Rates." I still strive for that today.

Over the past six months, I have continued to be as busy as can be on the road, servicing computers in homes and in businesses all over North Central Iowa, however, our business at the shop has slipped. Some would blame the economy, the election, the nay-sayers, the bad crops, or you name it -- people can blame anything on any situation.

Myself, I think people are just used to service when they want it and where they want it, people have migrated to tablets, some may have gone to other systems instead of getting their computers fixed by us, or in some (hopefully mild) cases have chosen a competitor over us. Whatever the situation, it has caused me to do some thinking about my business plan and what is best for the business.

What I have come up with will shock some people or make people scratch their heads a bit. However, as of October 20th, I am moving my business BACK to my home. I want to be as mobile as I can be in serving my customers with "Reliable Service, with Reasonable Rates."

The decision involved many people and I thank them for all of their support. I'm NOT going out of business, just refocusing it a bit. Kirt, Bob and Becky will still be doing some work for me on the road and our phone number will still ring to my phone.

I've enjoyed being downtown for the last 3 years, but it's just time for a change and I think this will be a positive one for my business and my customers. My customers are the best and I can't wait to continue to serve them!

Monday, September 3, 2012

It's Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!!! 
In our business, labor is a big deal.  I would be ignorant if I didn't recognize a few people in my life and business who help me out, by laboring over computers and working for me day in and day out.
Kirt Snook is my right hand and was onboard at the shop from Day 1.  He's someone I had worked with at Midwest Wireless and I told him that if I ever started out on my own and had a shop, he'd be the one I'd call first, and I'm glad he answered the call.
Bob Barnes is my part time employee.  Bob does a lot of things and is pretty darn handy at all of them.  Computer repairman, limo driver, bus driver, Advocare Sales Champ and all around good guy.  He's as easy going as they get and I wish that would rub off on me.
Becky Palmer is of course my wife and has more faith in me than any human should.  She works the shop for me when I'm on the road on a Saturday, does some remote repair work and mainly is my #1 Fan.  You need one of those in your life, I'm glad I have her in mine.
Deb Keller is a free spirit who makes great banana bread and other home made treats.  She works on the rare occasions that the rest of us are out of the shop.  Her phone messages are works of art and epic novels.  Details, details, details!!
Mary Hanson is a school teacher who filled in a lot this summer when I was on the road and when Kirt was off.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you are pretty much following Mary -- as she is my Pinterest Guru who knows what foods NOT to pin to my page. 
I owe these folks a nice round of applause....