Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Anniversary to The Computer Guy!!

Well in all of the excitement of the 4th of July last week, I forgot to mention the 1st of July in my "The Monday Morning Memo"

The 1st of July was our 3rd anniversary at our Downtown Hampton location!!! Many thanks goes out to many people who have been supportive of our efforts. I am very appreciative to all who have done business with us.

In this weird economy, up and down gas prices and the age of "faster and cheaper" computer repairs -- I am grateful for your support. I keep track of people and companies in a 45 mile radius of Hampton who do computer repair. Some of these people are in storefronts like mine and some are out of their homes. Some have the training, background, certifications and insurance -- and some, well, don't. As a matter of fact, there are roughly 70 places in and around Hampton in that 45 mile circle that do computer repair. We feel that we can provide the best solution to your computer issues that's not only fair to you, but to us as well.

Do we make mistakes? YES.

Do we own them and try to do what's right? YES.

There's no other way to say how much we value you as a customer, other than, "We value you as our customer."

Stay cool and have a fantastic week!