Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monday - 10/3/2011

News From The Computer Guy

Pat's Pointers

Welcome to October!!

This past week has been busy, as I was a presenter at the Upper Midwest Social Media Conference in Mason City. It was very nice.

Then, I undertook a job at a motel chain to upgrade software in each of their TVs. Yes, there's SOFTWARE inside of your new TV that tells it what to do. The project has been interesting, as I've had to make sure people are checked out of the room and it is empty, before barging in. I could see that there COULD be an awkward moment if it wasn't. I did get the job done and 44 TVs are upgraded and they seem to be working better.

Ebay is a very popular site for people who are looking at picking up an "odd" or an "end" OR something that is actually useful. I get a newsletter from PayPal who is owned by Ebay and they have the following suggestion on shipping charges...

"Check with the seller to see if they offer combined shipping on multiple purchases. Many will and do offer that and state it on their auction. If you don't happen to see the offer, don't hesitate to ask. The savings can be pretty good and it is also nice to receive all your items together instead of having to wait for multiple mail outs."

Have a fantastic week!

Kirt's Korner

There's always been a fine line between buying a new computer and just fixing up the old one. Right now we are seeing a lot of folks who are opting to just get by, rather than spending more money.

For a minute, let's talk about Computer Memory.

When your Windows XP Computer was all nice and new it may have had the following programs on it:

Internet Explorer 5, Adobe 6, Java 5, and Windows Service Pack 1

NOW, it has Internet Explorer 8, Adobe 10, Java 6.27 and Windows Service Pack 3.

It takes more memory (RAM) to run these programs, PLUS the new printer, newer DVD software, etc than it did before. Many times, an additional 1GB of RAM will take care of the issue. For Vista machines that were sold during a holiday promotion at a Big Box store, the upgrade is a must.

Bring it in and let's talk about your computer memory needs!

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