Thursday, August 16, 2012

One Weird Day!

It was a normal I thought.  It started out early in the wee hours of the morning, as it usually does with me Googling some things.  Stupid things, mostly. 

What I was wondering was how do other businesses named "The Computer Guy" market their products or services.  SO, I searched the "Images" section of Google.  Naturally, my logo came up several times from my website, along with other logos of other businesses named, "The Computer Guy." eyes caught a logo that I had used on my OLD website and current brochure attached to a bunch of text with a California phone number.  SOMEONE had used MY copyrighted logo to promote THEIR business.

Naturally, I was upset, so I fired off an email to him and posted on that sight that he would need to remove it.  THEN upon posting this on Facebook, a friend in Idaho told me that a library in Ohio was promoting some Computer Guy with MY logo.  I called the library and in a matter of minutes, it was down.  They were truly ashamed of what had happened.

THEN, reports from Facebook started to roll in.  A guy in Utah, a company in Malaysia, Spain, etc were coming to me.  A total of 9 in all.  I contacted as many as I could and so far 3 of the 9 have done the right thing.  I'll give the rest of them a week, then we'll go from there.

NEXT, I got a strange call at work.  "Pat Palmer, this is Tony and I need your email address."  I didn't know the phone number, but Googled it and it was from North Carolina.  In 10 minutes, I got an email with a video attached that said, "Your Twin."  I opened it up and some guy, who looked a LOT like me was telling me that people were mistaking him for me on YouTube doing a Bobby Darin song.  Odd, for sure!  I emailed the guy back, and it bounced.  SO, I texted him and he sent his correct email and I replied back and said that I enjoyed the video and would do one in the next couple of days for him. 

I posted that on Facebook and my friends had a field day. 

Like I was one weird day!