Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Goals For 2013 -- It's That Time Again!

Last year around this time, I was on TV with Small Business Television host Susan Solovic talking about goal setting and expectations of 2012.  While some goals were met, others weren't.  It happens -- it's called Life.

As I posted in my The Monday Morning Memo of 1/2/2012, here were my goals for 2012.  I think it's fun to look back and see what I had planned.  I'll put a "Y" or "N" next to each one.

1. To be better at returning phone calls.  - N (goal for 2013)
2. To get my NEW website up and running. - Y (looks great Pam/Kristen!)
3. To reply faster to my emails! - Y (That's a YES)
4. To shoot more video of what we do and what we can do for you! - Y (not enough)
5. To be more interactive online (see #2) - Y (Pinterest!)
6. To keep the shop more tidy (Kirt's goal too)! - N (My wife screams)
7. To take better care of my personal health and well being. - Y (Do more!)
8. To be involved in more parades and community events. - Y
9. To be more active in the communities I serve. - N (More chamber events)
10. To exceed expectations of what customers expect from us! - Y (More Now!)
For 2013, some of the same goals, but now that I'm running things at home, a bit of a different perspective.
1.  Better turnaround time on computers.
2.  Reply to phone calls faster.
3.  Participate in more chamber events - Hampton, Waverly, Mason City
4.  Get a new video camera and justify it.
5.  Speak at more events.  I've got stories to tell!!
6.  Organize my shop.
7.  Organize my finances.
8.  Get healthy personally.
9.  Teach more computer classes.
10. Book more remote repair jobs!
I'm sure you have goals -- if you don't, set some!  You may be surprised on how it will change your outlook!

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