Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Earlier this week, I got a call on my cellphone from someone with a badly broken Indian accent who claimed he was from Microsoft and could fix the issues I was having with my computer.  Funny thing, at the time, I WAS having issues with a computer.

Now, out of the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of customers that Microsoft has, why did they call me?  I have no answer, but they've been calling a LOT of people in Northern Iowa lately and tricking them into doing damage to their computers.

It starts off with this sympathetic (or pathetic) person concerned about my computer, then they want to install some monitor software like TeamViewer on it, so they can take control of the computer.  Then they want to open up the Command Prompt so they can do more damage by "inspecting" the computer.

It was at this point, I used some very colorful language at this person then hung up.  I really should have stayed on the line to hear the whole thing and find out what exactly they were going to do.  Some techs have told me they get into the computer registry and start a bunch of RUN commands....Very bad.

One lady who had this issue is now getting abusive calls at 3am demanding money.  Sad.

Again, if it's too good to be true, it is...they want your credit card info and PLEASE don't give it to them!!  Be safe, call The Computer Guy if you have issues -- we'll solve the problem and we won't call you back at 3am!

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