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Monday - 9/26/2011

News From The Computer Guy

Pat's Pointers

We are just rolling right through the month of September and so far the weather has been great. My biggest complaint is that it gets darker earlier and when I'm out doing house calls, it gets hard for me to see the house numbers. If you do have me come out after hours, help me out and turn on the front porch light -- two weeks ago, I think I startled a lady at 8:30pm, I was at the wrong house!

This brings me to my point this week. Maybe people have asked about classes or tutoring. YES! We are going to have some classes in October -- but, we also offer IN-HOME tutoring. Sure, it's one thing if you have a laptop, you can bring it to the shop for a class, but if you have a desktop it is a bit harder. Taking notes really doesn't work, because after you get home, you forget most of what you took the notes on.

We charge $50 for an hour and a half tutoring session. Personally, about an hour and a half is all a person can take listening to me and working on the computer. We have a broad range of topics, all you need to do is give us a call and either Kirt or I will be out to help you and will try our best to help you learn at your pace. This rate is for our normal 45-mile radius around Hampton.

Our in-shop classes will be $10 per class for the night -- we feel that's a fair price and the class will probably go about 2 hrs, since we will have several taking the class.

Have a fantastic week!

Kirt's Korner

I've mentioned this before, but it is always worth mentioning again, since we've had some calls on it this week.

If someone hacks your email -- such as Yahoo or Hotmail and all of your friends are getting some rather "interesting" messages from you, log back into your computer and change the password. In addition to changing the password, think of a new "secret question" as that may have been changed too.

How did this happen???? Maybe you used a public computer and didn't log out properly, but more than likely you clicked on a link and provided your user ID and password in some sort of Phishing scheme.

Some Phishing schemes are meant to look just as authentic as your actual webmail or bank account info, but do not actually represent them. They are spoofing those sites to get your information. Just something to think about this week!

Stop by or call the shop Monday - Friday from 10am - 6pm or Saturday from 10am - 2pm. Our number is 456-1936.


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